Leveling Up
Healthcare Real Estate

About UDLR Healthcare

UDLR Healthcare’s mission is to become a leading innovator, investor, and operator in medical outpatient real estate. We aim to create alignment across all sector stakeholders by creating a real estate experience that adds value for patients, physicians, and health systems. Our team utilizes data driven analysis and a deep understanding of value creation for MOB stakeholders to provide innovative real estate solutions to healthcare providers and patients. ​

Our company was jointly founded by two leaders in their respective sectors – GI Partners, a leading private alternatives investment firm with a track record of launching and scaling investment platforms in specialized sectors, and a team of former executives from Healthcare Trust of America (HTA), the largest integrated owner and operator of MOBs in the United States prior to its sale in July of 2022.

Investment Strategy

Create alignment across investors, tenants, health systems, and industry stakeholders with thoughtful operations and investment​

Acquire well-located MOB assets with a focus on operational upside near demographic growth centers

Add value through strategic capital improvement, lease-up via targeted health system and physician relationships

Become operator of choice with focus on customer-centric asset and property management plans

Our Story

The Essence of Our Name​

“UDLR” isn’t just an acronym; it stands for “Up, Down, Left, Right.”  

It’s our core belief that our unique ability to create value in the MOB sector comes from executing in every aspect and direction

We believe success is multifaceted, much like healthcare itself. Our mission is to deliver excellence not only to our tenants and investors but also to our team and external partners. By integrating insights and expertise from diverse areas, we craft unique solutions that address the rapidly evolving needs of healthcare.

A Nod to Nostalgia

There’s a playful twist to our name, too. UDLR echoes the iconic Konami code, a sequence familiar to gamers of the ‘80s and ‘90s Nintendo era. This code was a gateway to new powers and possibilities, helping players navigate through complex challenges. We’re inspired by this legacy and aim to emulate its impact in the healthcare sector. Our vision is to ‘level up’ real estate operations for healthcare providers, equipping them with innovative strategies to conquer today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities.

In essence, UDLR is more than a name. It’s a philosophy of embracing all directions, a nod to our gaming roots, and a commitment to revolutionizing healthcare real estate with agility, innovation, and a touch of nostalgia.

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